"God is always doing something ... Our part is to pay attention and to respond."

There are times along the way when we find that we need a wise listener who has been down the path a little, who can hear our concerns and doubts, and help us to discern what God is inviting us to. 

 My work is to listen well, to be on the lookout for the ways that God is breaking in, and to help people to navigate this stage of their journey.

I’ve been in an active, global Christian ministry for 45 years. I have worked on teams in the US and internationally, raised 3 children overseas, cared for family members with chronic illnesses and aging, earned a Masters of theology - and generally learned a thing or two. 

I offer individual spiritual direction and coaching (either in person, or virtually),  lead workshops and retreats for teams and organizations,  and provide resources for spiritual formation for people at all stages of the journey. Contact me to start the discussion of what I can offer to you or your team. 


"When I have questions about spiritual formation or spiritual direction, I consult Carolyn. Due to her deep walk with God, gift of wisdom, missions experience, and theological training she has emerged as a top international leader in helping missionaries build strong walks with God and strong relationships with people as they seek to expand God’s kingdom in the world." Tammy MacLeod, Harvard Chaplain, Cru Chaplaincy and Director of College Ministry, Park Street Church

"Carolyn’s preparation for this work comes from a lifetime of deep and authentic growth and study. When you hire her, you’re engaging with an unhurried and world-class mentor and spiritual director. And you’re in for an experience that will enrich both your spirit and your personal direction."    Patricia Burgin, Executive Coach

"Carolyn has been a great source of wisdom, encouragement, and refreshing truth for me as a young leader on staff with Cru with her perspective on stages of life and stages of faith. I have a deep respect for Carolyn's care and leadership in my life. There are few people who have spurred me on in the faith the way she has!"  Matt , Campus Ministry team leader. 

"I met with Carolyn when I couldn’t find my identity or the path of God. I knew she could handle it - me and my mess. She mostly just listened to God with me and within my life and together we found the path again." Dr. Jocelyn Larsen, Author of Passions Trilogy

"If you're looking for an experienced, spiritual guru, Carolyn is the person to contact. She has helped walk me through various seasons of spiritual turbulence with incredible wisdom and insight, ultimately leading me to deeper hope, faith, and love for Christ. " M.P. ministry team leader in secure location. 

The most important thing going on right now is what God is doing. We get in the way, we talk too much. The most important thing being said right now is something God is saying, marvelous things are being done and said right now. Look. Listen.

Eugene Peterson